What is the British Isles Giant Guild?

In recent years BIGG has degenerated into little more than an umbrella organisation for insurance purposes. There are moves afoot to revitalise our activities. Here are our original aims:

The guild promotes the building, operating and maintaining of carried 'Dancing' or 'Pageant' giant in the British Isles.

To this end the guild:

Individual members: New members join the guild as an Apprentice. When they have acquired sufficient experience they may be promoted to Journeyman or Journeywoman. Journey(wo)men of considerable skill and experience who are willing to teach others their skills might become Master Gianters. Individual members of all grades are insured to operate any giant in the British Isles.

Groups who have giants, ninnies or other beasts may affiliate to the guild. Members of affiliated groups are insured only when they are operating their own giants.

People who are interested in giants, but who do not want to be so deeply involved, may become 'Giant Friends'. They will receive regular information concerning giants and gianting events, but they will not have all the benefits of members. In particular they will not be covered by guild insurance.

How to join BIGG.

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